Friday, May 6, 2011

But Dad It's Not My Mess! pt 3

Now back in Dad's bedroom Rose is put across his lap for her attitude.

If she'd only learn to curb her sassy mouth she'd get spanked once and then it would be over.

Rose keeps it up and the palm of her dad's hand comes down harder.

With her panties now off Dad brings down his hand even harder to her bare skin.

Now unable to move her legs Rose is beginning to understand the point dad is trying to drive home.

It's decided that Rose will go outside and clean up the mess now, like she should have done to begin with.

However, there's just one twist to it,...

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

But Dad It's Not My Mess! pt 2

Now to the chair.

Many naughty girls don't like getting their naked bottom spanked Over The Knee.

It is a very vulnerable position that allows the spanker to firmly hold into position the spankee.

However, I have heard from several submissives that it is their favorite position to be spanked it also.

For Rose, because of her height, there is little to do but hold on to the legs of the chair and take the spanking.

Once that first smack connects with her bare skin it takes no time at all before her feet begin to kick.

After a few swats it's time to get down to business with more exposure and more smacks.

The goal here is to give a sassy young woman's bottom a nice red glow.

After a few more smacks it's time for some scolding and then completing what Rose is there for.

The teaching of a young woman who's the boss and that disobeying and having a sassy mouth just won't do.

Rose's life is like the taming of Shrew.  Even across my lap with the palm of my hand baring down on her exposed bottom she still pushes with her sass.  She's been taught to stand up against the world but forgets that when it comes to authority like dad, she needs to learn to submit.

It's decided by Dad that Rose's spanking needs to continue and goes from the livingroom to the bedroom.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

But Dad It's Not My Mess!

So you have an adult daughter living at home who knows that if you ask, or tell, her to do something and she openly defies you she'll get spanked.

Not that you didn't warn her either.  You have to leave for 3 or 4 hours and the task you want her to complete will take 10 minutes at the most.  But, you come home to find she's still on the couch watching T.V. and the task isn't done.

Then, on top of all that she thinks giving you sass is going to get by.

Rose, doesn't seem to get it yet.  If she does what she's told and doesn't give dad lip then all will be fine.

But, when she doesn't do what she's told she gets spanked.  Then, if there's one word of lip from her sassy mouth the spanking goes until her tongue has been tammed.

Couches are great to sit on but they're also great to spank on.

Simply pull the brat up, bend her over, pull down everything and begin the lesson.

If that wasn't enough then more is needed.

Now it's for the armless chair and some good ol' fashion Over The Knee spanking.

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Blogger Stats

I would love to know why my Blogger stats aren't working and haven't been for some time now. It will give me my total but that's it. Anyone else out there having the same problem?


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