Friday, May 27, 2011

Dad's Tools

Well the votes are in and Scolding and Spanking wins hands down.

Dad's been searching all over his home work shop for his $2,500 Lazar Level and finds out that Rose lent it to her boyfriend.  If that wasn't bad enough she didn't have permission to lend it to anyone. But, the fact dad has never even met this boyfriend causes him to feel Rose has been lying to him too. Once again she goes over his lap for a sound hand spanking, brush spanking and corner time at the end.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Redbottomed Redhead

An excerpt from a really good blog;

When life becomes unmanageable for me that is a pretty clear indication that a spanking is needed.  It helps me adjust my priorities and focus on what needs to be done to avoid another spanking.  This is when maintenance type spankings are helpful.  They are not as severe as punishment spankings but they serve as a reminder of what I will be in for if I do not meet the expectation that will allow me to avoid being punished.  Sometimes it might be a few swats with a cutting board that my husband insists looks like a paddle, LOL.  Other times it might be a bare bottom OTK hand spanking.  He might even bend me over the back of the couch to take care of business quickly and then we go on with our routine.  Maintenance spankings do both of us good because it is also brings out my submissive nature and his dominance.
You can check out her blog @ Redbottomed Redhead

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


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