Friday, June 17, 2011

Reaching out to the readers for HELP!

So a little over a week ago I turn the computer on and right away I know I have problems.  This monitor won't work and that monitor won't work and so on and so on.  Now keep in mind, like I did, that I've had my computer for some time and I have been realizing that I've need to seriously upgrade.

I've been running Windows XP for sometime and my machine, computer, is almost old enough to have transiter tubes instead of chips so we decided it was time to upgrade.  We got a brand new HP with a very large flat screen, with the C drive having 1 T of memory and 5 gigs of ram and on and on and on.  And it's Windows 7.

I feel like I'm starting up a Rolls when I get on the computer now.  Anyway, I went through all that to tell you that we have a problem.  I have attempted to upload our videos to our store sites with No luck what so ever.  It simply won't upload.

Microsoft, of course, is NO help at all, which has been true to their reputation for me anyway.  I talked to our internet provider and they helped me through some kind of exe. thing that didn't work either.  I've checked many forums on the subject and didn't realize there were so many people having the same problem with Windows 7.

So now I'm asking you out there for help.  Until I can figure this out I won't be able to upload videos we have edited.  If you know of this problem and how to solve it, please let us know.  Hopefully, your suggestions will be serious ones and not, "Spanking it until it does what it's suppose to."

Thank you,
Ron Edward
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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Taylor Learns Her Lesson

Taylor comes over to use the internet and Rose throws a fit and mouths off to her.  Sassy to the end Taylor tells Rose to either accept a spanking from her or she'll tell her dad that she got another ticket for driving and texting.  Rose is not happy about the deal but agrees to Taylor's terms.  The problem is, that Taylor doesn't have permission to spank Rose and when dad finds out "Taylor Learns Her Lesson" the hard way, through another Training session.

Taylor didn't give Rose much of a spanking because Dad comes in to discover what's going on.

A bit upset, Dad puts Taylor over his lap and begins reddening her bottom.

Because of her attitude Dad puts Rose across his lap and give her bottom a bit of warming too.

Rose is ordered to leave Dad's bedroom and Taylor is ordered to begin yet another training session.

This time her training is a reinforcement that she didn't have permission to spank Rose.  In this session Taylor can't help but learn her lesson.

Spanked over and over again Dad makes sure this lesson sinks in.

By the time it's all over Taylor's bottom is nice and red and she has no option but to "swallow" her pride.

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