Friday, August 5, 2011

Social Network Websites

So I had an account on Facebook and they, Facebook, deleted the account.  I had a little over 100 friends who were, or are, spanking enthusiasts.  It was wonderful to connect with other spankers and spankees on that site but alas the account is now gone and I won't be starting another.  I guess Facebook deemed my subject matter inappropriate. 

I mention this because there are other sites like FetLife, for those with kinky lifestyles, that seem to be more difficult to find friends.  Fetlife people seem to have their own little circles and don't want to add new friends.  I would think with social network sites like fetlife that finding submissives into spanking would be somewhat easy but it's not.

So, if you know of other Social Network sites where Spankers are welcome drop me a line.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Smiling during spanking?

Okay, you've seen them.  Picture after picture of girls bent over a man or woman's lap and they're smiling.  Or better yet you see it in the video.  I don't get it myself.  To me a girl smiling at the camera while she's getting spanked is plain silly and obviously posed.

So if you get a chance vote on what you think.


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