Friday, August 12, 2011

Twitter Me!

My Twitter Account is!/SpankHer4Real so click the link and join us.  Let us know what you have to say about our clips and spread the word!

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dad's Tools

Dad's been searching all over his home work shop for his $2,500 Lazar Level and finds out that Rose lent it to her boyfriend. If that wasn't bad enough she didn't have permission to lend it to anyone. But, the fact dad has never even met this boyfriend causes him to feel Rose has been lying to him too. Once again she goes over his lap for a sound hand spanking, brush spanking and corner time at the end. 

We have split Dad's tools into 5 parts in HD. 

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Monday, August 8, 2011

To spank or not to spank!

I must admit there are times when I don't want to spank but have to.  Usually, it's after a rule has been set and she brakes it from time to time.  I have found that it's best to be consistent though.  You can't spank the first or second time and not spank later.

We have recently moved and everything is still in a state of confusion but the dust is starting to settle a bit.  My general rule is to have certain things always clean but with this move everything is everywhere and it is difficult to keep up right now.

Right now it's knowing when and what to spank for like willful disobedience and a defiant attitude.  Spanking for not having the living room clean is just not possible. 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Dynamics of Domination

To dominate is to; control, rule, govern, direct, dictate or take over.  But, for me, it's first and foremost to Lead.  I have little desire to control anyone, I'm still working on controlling my thoughts and actions.  I have no desire to rule over anyone or to be a dictator.

For me it's about leading and nurturing.  If I am to lead in my relationships with submissives then I must set the example.  I see too many Dominants who desire only to be served and waited upon.  I've met many in my life who were simply lazy and were Dom's because they were able to talk the talk and cast their spell.  But when it comes to walking the walk they stumble more than their submissives.

To lead others you must set the example.  Being a Dom isn't just bending your submissive over and spanking her bottom.  As a dominate, do you spank because you're a sadist and like to inflict pain or do you spank to correct a behavior that need correcting?

Well, this is some of my thoughts on my dynamics of domination.


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