Friday, September 2, 2011

"The Inner Circle"

I started this blog on September 18, 2008 and didn't really start writing much until June 2010.  At first I wanted to express my love of spanking and the female form.  I wanted to comment on my favorite pictures, videos, models, producers, etc.

Then I came up with the idea of taking pictures from videos and putting my own twist to the stories.  In part because some videos that I've watched through the years have had really good action but lame story lines and bad acting.  Then others have had good acting but lame action (spanking).  

Then there are those producers out there who try to, and produce, really bad spanking videos and picture stills because they aren't into spanking at all.  They just think that shooting a girl's nice bottom and saying stupid lines is producing a good spanking clip or video.  There's a company out there now, that I won't mention, but they have the most ridiculous clips I've ever seen.  The guy that spanks has a cheesy mustache and spanks like he's examining her ass and ass hole.  I mean it's really stupid,.. to me anyway.

So then it dawned on me.  There are some really good spanking video producers out there like NuWest, Real Spankings, Real-Life-Spankings, etc but there are far more really bad spanking video producers.  And the thing is they're all making money.  Some are making tons more than others but still they're making money.

So here's the thing.  I've been an out of work Union Carpenter who's been able to pick up work here and there for the past 3 years, ever since the bank scandals and bad mortgage loans through the U.S. and other countries into a recession.  All the major jobs out there in the building industry lost their funding when some large banks collapsed and it's been a rough road financially for many Americans but especially in my major field of work.

So it hit me.  What do I really love doing?  What do I have an eye for and know what people want?  What do I know people want because I'm also a collector and viewer myself.  Well, I do have a great many talents, if I do say so myself but many of my other talents aren't producing extra income.  

My wife, at the time, and I were at a Goodwill store and there was an 8mm tape camera for sale, and cheap.  So I bought it, took it home and charged the one and only battery and guess what?  It worked.  I had film editing software already from editing Youtube videos for friends, myself and clients as side work, so because I'm a Real Spanker, in Real Life, I decided to check into making spanking clips myself.
I stumbled on a site that sold independent clips so I didn't have to pay for the cost of building a website for downloading and then stumbled on a second site where I could put a store for downloads too.  I had been a member of Spankingtube for about a year and realized that I could upload demos there and perhaps sell a few clips that I produced.
So everything was put into place and our first clip was "No Alcohol in the House".  As a viewer I liked the perspective of being the fly on the wall or a person hidden in a closet watching but no one knowing I was there.  I don't like it when the camera suddenly zooms in because it takes away the feel that there are only two people in the room, the Spanker and spankee.  If a camera zooms in it's because there's someone behind it operating it so, for me, it takes away from the viewing experience.  As a Real Spanker every scenario had to be real.  That is, real spankings and not silly butt playing taps that bore people to sleep.  It had to be with Real submissives who understood the need to be spanked.  They couldn't be just models.  They had to be real women into the lifestyle of Spanking.  Most importantly, when we did a scene it had to be a real punishment spanking they they earned in REAL life.
So, now to the title of this blog for today "The Inner Circle".  It's been a long process in advertizing Spank Her 4 Real videos because we didn't start out with any bank role.  All of my networking has had to be FREE with links from other blogs or spanking sites helping out.  The Inner Circle, as I like to call them, are sites and blogs that aren't at all willing to give me a link because we're not part of THEIR Network or Inner Circle.  I've noticed, for example, trying to get on in many forums that they bounce me out because the forum is exclusive to certain spanking sites and they don't want anyone else in their forum who represents a competing clip store.

I'm not sure right now what it's going to take for the other sites to recognize us as a REAL spanking video producer.  I do have the feeling that what it takes is advertizing with real $$ and not with FREE links from websites and blogs simply just wanting to help out.

The site we get the most traffic from, to our stores, is  But the blogs that we get the most traffic from to this blog, in order from the most to the least hits per month are My Bottom Smarts, The Spanking Bloggers Network, and with out a doubt Chross Guide to the Spanking Internet, D's Naughty Boy Spanking Blog, About Spankings, The Spanking Spot and finally Cutiepie's Sexy Spankings.  

To these sites I want to give a huge thanks.  And I'm going to update my blog list and Favorite Spanking sites to definitely include all that I've mentioned.   We don't want to be the Biggest, or even Best, spanking clip producer out there.  We simply want to be true and real to what we are doing.  We want our customers to enjoy our clips because they are real and continue to enjoy new clips as we make them.

Ron Edwards
Spank Her 4 Real Videos

Thursday, September 1, 2011 has a NEW look.

For years "The Consumer's Spanking Video News and Reviews" has been a site I have always checked out to see what's new in the world of spanking.  To be honest I don't know how long they've been around but it seems to me like it's been forever.  Now in saying that I'd have to say that their webpage above, the look, has been around forever too.

However, I was pleased to discover that there has been quit an update to their site.  You can still go to the old site but their new one is more updated and personally I love the look.  Here's a link to the site if you've never been to it, which I can't believe an avid spanko has never been to

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

School is just around the Corner

So it's almost time for school to start up again.  We've had a summer that's been filled with everything but spanking.  With school beginning again we won't have young ones underfoot so filming will soon get underway.  Stay tuned for more bottom blistering action as we go into September.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Freedom in a Good Sound Spanking!

Through the years I've heard submissives say they don't always like the spankings they get but do accept the fact that they need and deserve them.

They don't especially like the hours, minutes or even seconds leading up to the moment they go across the lap and their bottoms are bared.   But in the back of their mind they do want the spanking, even if and when it's unpleasant.

Why?  Because there's freedom in it.  They are freed from the anxiety of what will happen to the now it is happening.  But most important there is freedom from guilt.  Now, finally, they are being punished for their offense and "This too shall pass".

The point when their shorts and panties have slid down to their ankles and their spanking is fully underway, so too is their freedom

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wild Horses Monument

Just after going East, over the Columbia River, on I-90 in Vantage Washington you can look off to the top of a hill and see this.  From the highway they appear to be real horses but they aren't.  So of course Ember wanted to pull off to the monument's parking lot so she could climb to the top and take a look at them up close.

Parking lot view of the Columbia River
View from the monument looking down at the parking lot and Columbia River

It was an absolutely beautiful day and the only clouds in the sky were far away.  Umm, that rhymed!  I'm a poet and didn't know it!  Okay anyway, once she was at the top she got a better view of the horses and this is how they look up close.

I simply don't understand why people have to do that.  Who ever did it must not have been spanked when they were younger because they should no better.  For those who want to take pictures up close it's nearly impossible unless you shoot at just the right angle.  Anyway, it's just one more reason someone like myself spanks.


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