Friday, October 21, 2011

Models of Nu-West

Another Nu-West model I liked was Peaches above and the one getting spanked below.

Nu-West also did doubles spanking.  That's Peaches on the front getting her bottom spanked and Eve Howard on the other side getting her bottom tanned.

Another favorite of mine was Katie.  I liked Katie's attitude, her bottom and that she could take a good spanking too.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Favorite Spanking Photos through the years.

I first discovered spanking in videos in the early 80's at an adult book store.  They had the old booths you could put a couple of quarters in and watch what ever 8mm clip they had in stock.  There it was, a spanking clip.  I'll never forget it.  From there I found a few stupid spanking mags but in the back of one was an ad for Nu-West spanking videos.

You sent in 5 dollars for a black and white catalog and if you ordered a video they took 5 dollars off.  The above picture was in one of the catalogs and it has always been my favorite.  To me it just seems so real.  It was taken in someones house and that gave it such authenticity for me.

This was also another Nu-West picture I loved.  I don't know what video it's from but I sure love what's coming.

If you don't recognize the bottom it's Eve Howard of "Shadowlane".  I really liked Eve Howard videos.  She had a look that was priceless. (below)

And then there is Kiri Kelly.  She and Eve Howard were my favorites.  However, the thing is that all my favorites were from Nu-West because they were real spankings.  You knew the girls were models but they took real spankings.  Back then it was unbelievably exciting.


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