Saturday, December 17, 2011


I have a RULE!  I never have a rule that I couldn't follow myself.  In other words if I can't take a dish, or glass, from the living room to the kitchen sink, then I shouldn't make a rule that everyone else must, including mine and if they don't they get spanked.

No one wants to go around on pins and needles wondering if this or that will get them spanked.  No one should have to follow a rule that, for the most part, can't be followed.  If I told my wife, "You're to never go to bed without having dusted every piece of furniture in the house," that would be ridiculous.  That would be me looking for every chance to spank her kind of rule.

The reality is, and she would agree, I don't have to look hard at all to find a reasonable chance and reason to spank her.  

As I look around, especially this time of year, in malls and grocery stores I see one logical reason after another to spank women, and funny thing is, so does my wife.  She will even point out women with spankable bottoms if I don't see them first.  Or make a comment about how that woman's bottom should be blistered for acting this way or that way.  A lot of times all we have to do is look at each other after witnessing a woman in need of a good spanking and we know just what we're both thinking.

Friday, December 16, 2011

I spank my wife: My Story

I spank my wife: My Story: The first time I was married was in 1976 and I was 18 years old, she was 17. We didn't have to get married and looking back now we sho...

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bondage Videos

I would be the last to say that some Kinky things shouldn't be done.  But for me, BDSM, Bondage and other kinks other than spanking just aren't for me.  I bring this up because we get emails asking when and if we're going to do Bondage or BDSM clips.  For me they don't fall into the Domestic Discipline genre.  I couldn't see, shouldn't see and don't want to see a Dad spanking is daughter while she's bound and gagged.  Same as spanking my wife.

BDSM has its release and fun for those who enjoy it but as for watching it, for me, it's not my cup of tea.  I guess it's because it's in a way, set up.  But mostly it's because it doesn't do a thing for me.  The only time I've enjoyed watching it was when "Kyrie Kelly" started doing them and it was only because of her.  I liked her and I simply wanted a complete collection of all her vids.  I probably watched the BDSM ones once, maybe twice, and haven't really seen them since.
Spanked Hitch Hiker

I always prefer the OTK type of spanking Kyrie received because of her lovely bottom and squirming style.

Spanked Hitch Hiker
The scenes where some odd things were used to strap her down and all may have been creative but for me too set up and staged.  But again that's just me.

I'm more interested in filming and viewing spanking videos where the spankee is sent to her room to get ready for a spanking and not go to your room and get ready to be strapped in and bound.  In a true and real sense I'm interested in the true to life and what really happens.

Now to all the BDSM'ers out there.  Don't write in with comments that I'm against BDSM and think it's strange or something.  I'm just saying I'm a more Spanking purest and not into BDSM.  If BDSM is your thing then go for it.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Nichole Breaks Her Diet!

 Nichole is serious about dropping some weight so she'll do what it takes to shed the pounds. 

She agreed to stay on a strike diet and NOT to raid the kitchen for food before bedtime.

However, this time she sneaks into the kitchen and is caught but learns that it would have been better to just stick to her diet. 

Implement(s): Hand
Position(s): OTK, Standing bent over,
Time/Price: 7 min / $7.99
Purchase Clip only at: Clips4Sale and SpankingLibrary


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