Friday, January 6, 2012

#1 Female for 2012 needing a good spanking!

Tiger Woods' ex-wife when she bought a $12 million home and bulldozed the whole thing.  She is top of my list.  If you have so much money you can throw away 12 million dollars like that you need a long hard spanking.  She could have done a hundred other things, like donate it or something.  Instead she throws a tantrum.

Now doesn't that smirk look like it needs to be spanked away and taught a lesson?


  1. Your blog gets more awesome everyday!! I wish I could deliver her wasteful butt to you myself.

  2. The trouble with making remarks about public figures is that one often doesn't know the whole story... It turns out the house was riddled with termite and ant infestation and that the material saved from the demolition which Ms Nordegren donated to charity is expected to raise about $30,000. Details here:

    I'm all for spanking women in appropriate circumstances but let's not jump to easy but erroneous conclusions...

  3. John, it's good you pointed that out. When I grabbed the original story they didn't mention her donating any of the money to charity. That's great to hear. I would still have no problem spanking though...



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