Sunday, January 22, 2012

A BIG mistake in Spanking!

Now apart from this being one of the dumbest spanking videos you may have ever seen, even if you don't understand French, what's majorly wrong with this spanking?

Feel free to leave a comment if you know what it is. This video is from SpankingMaster75.  Yea right, he's a spanking master alright.


  1. You were right, this was totally a dumb video and I had to just skip through it. I'm taking a guess here, but she has no panties on just a thong and then he pulled that down! In my opinion, this is a total waste of time to pull down something like that. She should have gotten a better spanking just because she didn't have on proper atire!

  2. No, I must disagree with you on this. I have watched the videos on this site a long time ago and I do enjoy what was posted there. It may not be hard or strict, but the clips are enjoyable. So I do not see any problem with here.

  3. It could be a farce or spoof.



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