Saturday, January 14, 2012

Izzy's first spanking from me!

A co-worker of Nichole's found out recently that Nichole gets spanked for various things.  Izzy, Nichole's friend at work, is also a full time student at a local Community College. 

Apparently Izzy spent a bit too much money on frivolous items and didn't budget for the books she needed to purchase for the Winter quarter at school.  She's always had a problem budgeting and this time it caused her to have to go to a local pawn shop and take out loans for a few things so she could get her books.  Nichole, I think, thought "Misery loves company" so she told Izzy she probably needed a good spanking.

Izzy laughed at her remark but later confided with Nichole that if she was living at home she would have gotten spanked.  But home is a in Nebraska and Seattle is too far to travel for just the spanking she needs.  At least that's how she explained it to Nichole.  Nichole said that a few days later Izzy actually told her that a good spanking from time to time would really help her get her act together.  Even if she just had the real threat of a spanking it would help.
You know how some girls seem to be able to talk to others about anything.  Well, Nichole didn't have a problem telling Izzy that she know someone who could take care of her spending problem and help her focus on budgeting.  There conversation was quite involved and Nichole gave Izzy my email address.
So, last week Izzy emailed me and explained how she thought Nichole might be right about me helping her with budgeting and other areas in her life she needs to work on.  As a result Izzy is coming over today and we're going to discuss what will help her with troubled areas in her life.

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