Friday, January 27, 2012

Middle School Girl Attacked on the bus.

I'll warn you now that this video is very disturbing.  It shows a girl being beaten on a Marion County school bus by several students on their way to Liberty Middle School in Ocala.  Yes, middle school.  What are we teaching our kids today?

I saw this on the news and literally cried.  I truly don't know what I would do, as a father, if this happened to my daughter.  Why are children acting this way?  What is wrong with our society that children do this for a seat on the bus?

You can read more about this at


  1. this is so disturbing. On the part of those kids AND the bus driver. If I ever thought my kids had bullied someone there would have certainly been hell to pay. Everyone of those kids involved should have to pay dire consequences.

  2. I drive teens to high school and I would have pulled the bus over in a remote area and told them that until it got quiet, we weren't going anywhere and for everyone to sit down and shut up.
    I did this once and said I didn't care if we sat there until 10:00 at night, I didn't have put up with their behavior and didn't have anything else to do. I got a book out and started to read.
    Boy, it got quiet real fast.



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