Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I've been frustrated lately with the computer world, or world of computer programs.  Customer service has simply taken a dive compared to a few years ago.

I've had to simply stop trying to upload to our Spanking Library store and SpankingTube site because neither site is accepting our uploads.  Both sites don't seem to care at all that we've been unable to upload so I've simply stopped trying now.  While at the same time our Clips4Sale store site accepts the same clips when we upload so I just don't get it.  Based on the customer service from Spankinglibrary and Spankingtube I'd say they are owned by the same company.

I've found it best to just walk away and not get frustrated with it than to keep trying to upload like I have.  I started a Private account on Youtube as a way of previewing our new clips and our Clips4Sale store will now be the only site to sell our newest clips.

I've had a few computer geeks send me info on how I might be able to solve the upload problem on my end, and thanks to those who have made suggestions, but should that be the case?  Shouldn't the sites that a person is unable to upload product to be the one to help with figuring out why their site won't accept an upload while others will?  Why should it be the customer, me the store, who has to figure out why their system isn't accepting uploads.

Anyway I thought I'd vent here a little and it's helped.  Thanks for listening, reading.



  1. Sorry to hear you are having trouble uploading new videos :(

  2. I have trouble watching videos. The video will play for a few seconds and then stop like it has played thru. I sent them an email and no response. Not all of the videos play that way...but most of them do. It is too bad they are not trying to find the problem..or at least respond.
    Thanks for posting videos and for your blog.

  3. Check out and see if viewing is better there.




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