Sunday, February 19, 2012

In the End, spanking is all they understand!

I can tell my wife or submissive that I'd like something done and in the end it's the spanking that is understood the most.  I truly believe the intent to obey is there but the discipline and consistency isn't.  What seems to always be needed is the Good Ol' Fashion Bare Bottom Spanking.

I think it's what a submissive and wife's bottom is for, other than sitting.  It's the zone of understanding.  When the Zone is turned red, sometimes hot, there's a pathway that opens to the brain and the understanding that obedience is required gets understood.  Without attention to that zone it seems little, at times, is understood.

Once that Zone area is sensitive when sitting it seems that what was suppose to get done gets done.  Once the Zone cools down and a little time has passed the memory of the heat fades and so does the memory of what is suppose to be done on a continues basis.


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