Saturday, February 4, 2012

Spanking, It's not just a job, it's an adventure!

I easily recall the first time I spanked a submissive.  I had met a couple through a local Kink publication who were into BDSM.  I was into spanking and hadn't spanked my first bottom yet.

I went over to their place and couldn't have met a more delightful and curvy submissive.  He wanted to watch her get spanked and serve another Dom and was willing to let me participate in that adventure. 

It was the first time I had oral sex performed on me.  I was divorced from my first wife and she would never have been oral with me.  As we began he invited me to train her by explaining what I liked and how she should do it and if she did it wrong I should spank her.  It was delightful to say the least.  That also became my first time to perform oral sex too.  She was smoothy shaved and it provided a most wonderful surface to explore.  Since then I've insisted on my submissive being shaved.

When I married again, my second wife went right into giving me oral but at first we were just a vanilla couple.  Later in our marriage I finally explained to her my fetish, if you will, with spanking.  She honestly couldn't have been more accepting.  I learned that she was into spanking reasons of Domestic Discipline and for sexual fun.  That's when spanking went from fantasy to reality and now it's both.

I'm sure those who aren't into spanking are most likely into something else that would be considered kinky.  We're all human and have our own likes, loves, dislikes and hates.  

What's been funny to me lately is being on sites like Fetlife and Collarme and friending local submissives who claim to want, need and desire a spanking.  I've met with a few and it seems they just wanted to talk about spanking and not really get spanked.  There's an endless amount of correspondence that I seem to get from submissives who claim they want to get spanked but haven't yet gone through with it.  I say it's funny because years before the Internet it was almost impossible to find a partner or partners and now it's so much easier.  Keep in mind these are submissives I've met and talked with face to face first.  It seems they're searching for something but don't know what it is.  And I tend to hear from them every other week or so.  They draw near and then pull back.  Perhaps it is a good thing we haven't gotten to the spanking.  Because if we did I would definitely be blistering their bottoms.  

Well I've got to get going.  Izzy is in need of yet another spanking and she will be coming over to get just that.  She wasn't specific about what she needed the spanking for but if I know her she'll probably need a blistering.

I haven't heard from Nichole in awhile.  She moved north a bit and must have a lot going on right now.  Maybe she's been getting into mischief and knows that if she contacts me she'll get a real butt warmer?

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