Sunday, March 25, 2012

Going Home Continued 2

As John parked in front of Mayfield's office, the town's one and only lawyer, he couldn't help think about how little the town had actually changed.  The barber polls, hardware store, the Diner and even the street lamps looked like they were brand new and straight out of the 50's.  The only thing that seemed progressive in the town were the vehicles on the street and the style of clothes being warn by the assorted people in view.

Of course those who witnessed John pull into town were to say the least curious about who he was and why he was there.  Was he lost?  There weren't a whole lot of ways to get into the town, let alone find it.  It was so off the beaten path that the only way you could get there was to intentionally seek it out.  There were to many signs on the road to the town that would re-direct any lost driver back to the highway.  Roseville was barely on the state map and if you tried using a GPS to find it you'd probably end up driving in Whitefish Creek.

Mr. Mayfield had watched John drive up and about the same time John stepped onto the sidewalk Mayfield opened the door to greet him.  Pleasantries were exchanged and Mayfield's deepest condolences on the passing of John's father were made on behalf of the town.  John signed all the papers needed to be signed and was asked how long he'd be in town.  "Not sure yet," was his reply.  "I'm going to stay out at the house for now and wrap things up."

John decided to get something to eat before heading to the house and asked if he could leave his car parked where it was while he walked over to the Diner.  Mayfield gave a chuckle and told John his car was the first car to park in that spot for over a year, so, he didn't think it would be putting anyone out.  The air was clean and the town had a simple silence that filled John's senses as he casually walked over to the Diner.  It was so reminiscent of his youth.  Most towns change as time goes by and we get older but this town was the same.  For John it was like going back into time and he couldn't shake that feeling.

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