Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Izzy's Compilation #1

Izzy's Compilation #1

This clip contains 49 minutes of Izzy getting her naughty bottom spanked in a multitude of positions like, OTK, Diaper, Drumming, lunge, etc and with a variety of implements such as leather belt, hair brush, paddle and not to mention the hand. This is the first 5 Izzy clips combined "Izzy learns to budget", "Izzy caught at the Casino", "Izzy's Bad Grades", "Izzy's Temptation" and "Izzy learns New Positions". 

Implement(s): Hand, Paddle, Belt, Hairbrush,
Position(s): OTK, Drum, Diaper, lunge, and more
Time/Price: 49 min / $39.99
Purchase Clip: Clips4Sale

1 comment:

  1. They know they have been well disiplined when spanked in diaper postion!!



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