Friday, March 9, 2012

Training your submissive

The first thing to remember when training your submissive is to show them who is in charge.  Your submissive can never feel that she has some kind of control.  To establish that control she needs to be put across you lap and given a good warm up spanking to know what any disobedience from her will feel like.

Once that first spanking is out of the way your submissive has a tendency to move a bit quicker when she's ordered to do something.

Every man is different so giving a BJ to her new Master can be like learning all over again.  As a test I always want her to put me in her mouth and use no hands at first.  But if she drops me from her mouth she gets her bottom warmed.

A few more spankings later and she will get it right and her inthusism will be just where you like it too.

Nichole's First Training Session

Implement(s): Hand
Position(s): OTK, Standing bent over, Kneeling, laying on foot rest
Time/Price: 15 min / $17.99
Purchase Clip: Clips4Sale or Spankinglibrary


  1. Sounds like Nichole learned a lot from her first training session. She needs to continue these sessions until she looks forward to them and tells you she needs more training. I think Nichole is delightful, and has a very nice spankable bottom, I love full figured girls like her. So when you spank her and then she thanks you like that, I think you are a very lucky guy, I am sure she will be needing many more spankings :-)


  2. Right method to show the sub who decide and who must just obey and at same time you can test her resistance to spanking before she obey and evaluate her skill in blowjob: she has a lot of effort to improve they way she blows to become the sucking lil bitch you want her to be.



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