Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Going Home 3

As John opened the door to the diner the smell of good home cooked food bellowed out onto the sidewalk and seemed to carry him inside as he sat down at the first available booth.  Before he even had his jacket off a young waitress, Kelly, was already greeting him as she poured water into a glass.  With a smile she handed him a menu and said, "The Pot Roast is our special today."  She asked him if he wanted coffee and his reply was, "Yes, please."

Kelly said, "I'll be back to take your order when you're ready."  And he replied, "The Pot Roast sounds good."  So she wrote up the order, went behind the counter, rang the bell and said, "Order" as she clipped the ticket to the stainless steal wheel.  As John glanced around he couldn't help shake the idea that he'd been there before.  He knew he had eaten there many times before but it was like nothing had really changed.  It didn't look old and warn it just looked the same.

As he was eating his eyes roamed the diner and memories began to come back.  There was a picture of the High School football team in the same place as his team's picture was when he was young.  Then his eyes caught something he had seemed to forget.  There was the sign "Bathrooms" and another sign "Quite Rooms" with arrows pointing to the back of the diner.

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