Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wendi's Training Day!

It doesn't happen everyday that I get correspondence from a submissive asking for me to train her.  Wendi describes herself as into D/D or CDD and is strong willed needing to be disciplined.  She has been a fan of ours on for sometime now and says she's longed to be across my lap for some sound discipline and wants badly to be trained in the proper way of servicing a Dom.

She comes to us all the way from Kentucky and is in town visiting relatives.  I wonder if her relatives know she will be making another trip across my lap?  There have been other submissives who have asked for the same thing but when it came down to actually meeting they lost courage and never showed.

As a 36 year old Wendi seems sincere in her desire to be taught submission and says she has a list of offenses she needs to be disciplined for as well.  I'm not sure if she's concerned about not sitting afterward but wants the cleansing only a good sound bare bottom spanking can give.

So if all goes well there will be video and pictures of her training session tonight.  So stay tuned.

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