Monday, May 14, 2012

Explaining my Blog

Like most spanking enthusiasts I explore the web to discover blogs that share my views, or at least some of my views, on spanking and the female bottom.  There are blogs without pictures that have stories, fiction and or non-fiction, and there are blogs that have nothing but pictures with little to no writing.  Some blogs are very plain in their design and look and others aren't.  That got me thinking about my blog, or blogs.

For me personally I like sites and blogs that are busy.  That is sites that give me a lot to look at and read with places to go withing the site or blog.  I like spanking polls for example, spanking pictures, fun spanking, serious spanking and so on.  I realized that my blog is, or would be considered, busy.  

My blog role or list shows blogs I like to read or go to and blogs that share similar interests in spanking.  I have links that can direct a viewer or reader to my spanking clips if they want to purchase any.  

Personally I hate clicking a link that takes me to pop ups that give me trouble trying to get out of the site.  I'm not sure how to explain those or what they're called but when I do go to one of those sites it's usually the last time.  So I don't have any of those links on my blogs.  

I have different blogs because it helps me categorize.  Some days I feel or need to write about my wife and our relationship so I have my I spank my wife blog.

Other times I get ideas regarding a fictional story I have rolling around in my brain so I write about that in Going Home to Spankingville.

Other times I post a new clip of a Spankee that has recently been across my lap and I put a link to my Clips4Sale store.  

And so on and so forth with why my blog is so busy looking.  Again I like there to be a lot of things to look at or go to and for some reason I felt the need to explain it. 

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