Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Twitter account suspended?

Nothing pisses me off more than to go to an account and find it's no longer there.  Our twitter account has for some reason been suspended and apparently we have no say in the matter.  So much for "Free Speech"!  We'll be setting up another "Twitter" account and will let all of you know when it's ready.


  1. Greetings.

    Did they give any reasons for the suspension at all? The possibility could be that someone wants to be asinine and could have accused your account of something unsavory. Jealous and self righteous types tend to do that. For all we know you could just be the first in some bizarre attack.

  2. No reason accept that my account MAY have been hacked and that I'm suspected of sending junk mail or something. All I do is tweet from my blogs and that's just going on my page at twitter. I did have nude "butts" photos on the page but all they had to do was send me a message telling me to remove them and I would have been happy to.



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