Friday, August 3, 2012

Forgot my Coffee!

Every morning before heading out for work I fill my thermos with coffee.  Yesterday I filled my thermos but a half mile down the road I realized I left it on the counter at home.  Then I thought, "Know worries I'll get coffee somewhere along the way."

Well I'd heard about this coffee shop called "Cowgirls Espresso" and knew of one on my way so I decided to get coffee there.  All the local fat wives and of course media have protested these espresso shops because the girls wear revealing outfits.

The espresso stand I stopped at had a girl wearing a tight bikini which proudly displayed her very tight bottom.  The view was nice as I watched her bottom while she made my coffee and she had a pleasant attitude too but I don't get the fuss.  Who really wants to just look?  All I really thought about was how red I could make her bottom and that a Spanking Espresso drive through would be far more appealing to me.  But perhaps that's just me?

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