Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Spank Her 4 Real Girls In Training

Through observing a variety of forums and kinky community sites with threads asking men what do they want I've come to learn some things regarding women in general and submissives overall.

My wife, through the years, has had the idea drilled into her head that if she takes the initiative to make the first move then she's being slutty.  I can tell her everyday that letting me know she's horny doesn't for a second mean she's a slut.  But unfortunately that's in part how she was raised and it's engrained in her now.

So for her, part of the answer is submission.  She can get all the sex she needs or wants by being submissive and not aggressive.  So in part that what our Girls in Training clips are all about.  I've learned that it's much easier for many to most submissives if their HOH, husband or Dom takes control and tells them what he wants and how he wants it.  It's not one sided like some may thing.  Oh he's getting the sex he wants but what about her?  By her submitting she does get the sex she wants but in her way not just his.

It is so much easier for my wife's peace of mind and conscience to direct her to what I want.  If she feels she's making the first move or instigating the sexual play then she can't help but feel dirty and whorish.     

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