Saturday, October 13, 2012

Most re-blogged photo

So I'm surfing the net about a week ago discovering other spanking sites when I come across this photo, minus our identification "".  Under the picture it shows all this "loves" from viewers who have clicked they love the picture.  Many of the notations are "so and so liked this and re-bogged it from so and so".  I'd click on the "so and so", I'm not naming them because they give no acknowledgement or credit that it's MY photo and MY handy work.  Anyway, I'd go to that sight and it would be re-blogged from another site and on and on.  In fact I lost track as to how many sites it shows up on.  Well, it is flattering in any case to know that so many viewers out there like my handy work and the photo.  Of course this video shows the action.

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