Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Holly's First Training Session

It was clear from the start that Holly was a bit nervous during her first Real spanking from Ron. 

 It started off with her dress covering her bottom but not long into it the dress came up and the panties she was wearing didn't give much padding to the palm of Ron's hand.

Her cute nervous giggle starting going away as each smack landed firmly.

 Then the panties come down and all is relieved.

Making a naughty woman's bottom nice and red is what Ron does.  Putting her hands behind her to protect her bottom did little to help.  Ron simply held them both with one hand and continued his job.

Then Ron asked Holly if she'd ever been spanked in the diaper position and she had no clue what that position was.  It wasn't long and she was to find out the sting.

Holly was a bit shocked to find Ron able to lift her bottom up high by grabbing her ankles with one hand and tenderizing still with other.

It didn't take long and Holly was offering Ron anything to stop.  Little did she know the spanking would continue between blowjobs and handjobs.

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