Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mom deals with Naughty Daughter

It turns out my wife has been talking with a friend, who has been a single mom for some time, about her 21 year old daughter's behavior.   Apparently, this friend has known for some time that my wife gets her bottom spanked too.  Because she sees how effective the spankings have been for my wife she has inquired about the possibility of her daughter LeAnne also benefiting from good ol' fashion spankings too.

LeAnne has been caught by her mother dressing and undressing in her room with the curtains wide open serveral times and something totally inappropriate.  For some time there's been one thing after another were a good spanking would have stop the behavior cold.   

Because LeAnne lives at home and her mother feels certain behaviors need to stop she has had a heart to heart talk with her daughter and laid down a major rule.  She is to start submitting to my authority and spankings or she will have to move out. 

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