Thursday, November 22, 2012

The sign her spanking is working!

There is a lot to be said about a woman who submits to a well deserved spanking.  Whether she likes to be spanked or not Discipline spankings given by the Head of the House can be a bit more unbearable.

As witnessed in this short clip you can tell her spanking is working and getting through to her because her legs are quivering as she does, what I refer to as, her "Lap Dance".

I have far more respect for a woman who submits to a spanking from me than one who comes up with the line, "I'm too old to be spanked, or punished." 

Once she's taught her place, that is across my lap when I say so, then she is so much more enthusiastic when it comes to pleasing me.

Giving her bottom that nice red glow teaches her the importance of submission like she's never learned before.

It's important, when training, that she fully understands that pleasuring me is the most important thing at that moment.  Her reminder is of course more smacks to her already tender behind.

I have found that submissives are wired, so to speak, to please and that a good spanking helps them in that process.  It reinforces just what it is I like and don't like.

There motivation to please is intensified when they learn with a sore bottom.

After giving Holly a good reminder on an already tender and red bottom she went to her knees, engulfed my rod and worked me like she should have from the beginning.  After that spanking it didn't take long at all for her to get me to cum.


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