Sunday, December 23, 2012

Submissives wanting a spanking.

Over the years a variety of women, young and old, have contacted me with the desire to get across my lap and receive a spanking.  They've all pretty much said they needed a good discipline spanking and there was no one in their lives to give them what they need.

It always starts out over email or internet correspondence and pretty much begins the same way with all of them asking, "How would you do it?"  "Can you tell me what to expect?"  I always ask them if they've watched any of the videos we've posted on spankingtube and they all say yes they've seen the videos or even bought some.  At first I took the time to describe for them how it would start or happen and then, a few years back, I realized they were just women who were interested in INTERNET spanking and not the REAL thing.

Look, I don't have time to play internet spanking games.  If you're wanting a spanking, from anyone, don't play games.  Here's the thing.  A big part of getting a well deserved and sound punishment spanking is that it's not necessarily going to go YOUR way.  So for spankees out there, here's a word of advice.  When you contact a Dom or Top for some REAL spanking discipline you need to make sure they're safe and not an axe murderer, but you need to understand that if you're getting punished it's not going to be the punishment you fantasied about either.

I was recently contacted by a submissive who asked if I spanked for fun.  I replied that I do spank for fun.  Then it turns out that she wanted a real punishment spanking and could we set up a time when that could happen.  Am I missing something?  She asked if I spank for fun and then wanted to know if I would give her a REAL punishment spanking?  I don't connect the two.  Anyway, I continued the conversation and after awhile realized she had a desire for a REAL spanking but wanted conditions that were shall we say, one sided.  It's too bad I didn't know her address or I would have gone over and just done the deed!  

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