Saturday, February 25, 2012

What Naughty Girls Need!

I can't stress the importance of a good sound spanking for naughty girls.

When girls are held accountable, and are spanked, for being naughty you can always see an improvement in their behavior.

A stern talking to and assertiveness in letting her know that her behavior will NOT be tolerated is what's usually needed.  I have found that as she stands there with her pants down to her knees with just her panties covering her tender bottom she tends to REALLY listen.

It's unfortunate for her that to truly get the point across she must also get across my lap and accept the punishment she has coming.

For most good girls who are naughty that's the only way they seem to understand their behavior won't be allowed to continue.

Then once the panties come down and she is exposed her punishment becomes more sincere and her lesson can be learned.

That sting on her exposed bottom is what keeps her wanting to be a good girl and doing what she's been told to do.

She can't help really, it's just how she learns.  And if she's learned anything she's learned to confess up front so her bare bottom spanking isn't as bad as it could have been.

As her feet are being held with my left and and my right hand is delivering sound smacks to her exposed punishment area she is able to see my sincere expression on my face as each smack reminds her to be good.

She knows deep down inside that this is best for her.  She knows that a spanking on her bare bottom is the best thing for her.

Izzy's Bad Grades
Time/Price: 8 min / $8.99
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Thursday, February 23, 2012

One year on SpankingTube!

It was a year ago this month that I posted my first spanking clip demo on Spankingtube and we've had 966,179 views so far.  I was shooting for 1,000,000 but since I haven't been able to upload to Spankingtube in at least a month the views fell short of that mark.

I've always left the comments open for anyone to make their comment on the clips I've posted and I've gotten comments I didn't expect.  

Here are a few;

Perhaps u are the best spanker, please post more

I love your voice!!!!

I absolutely love your videos !! Keep them coming...

i love your videos,i enjoy all of fav was daddys tools

I love to watch your videos plz post more what a great spanker!!!!!!!!! Love ur training clips very hot!!!!

Great spanking clip. Your videos are some of the very best I have ever seen.

Holy hell he spanks hard! Wouldn't take me long to follow rules in that house!

OMG...awesome ..I absolutely have this as a fav..ty for sharing with us..a 5!!!  (Izzy Caught at the Casino)

I could go on and on but my point is that I didn't really expect comments to be about me or my spanking technique.  The girls in the clips get their fair share of positive comments too but I thought they would be the main topic of the comments.  I didn't think people would comment about my voice or method of spanking.

I suppose that makes sense since I've always been a big fan of "Ed Lee" of Nu-West videos.  He was the first Spanker to come along and Spank 4 Real, in my opinion.

I suppose we could do videos like most of the Spanking video companies out there like Nu-West.  We could set up an office or school scene and find models into spanking and have them act out a part.  Instead I wanted real women who wanted a spanking because they knew they needed a spanking and were willing to let me film the spanking.

They don't know where the cameras are and pretty much forget they're even being filmed.  The filming isn't why they're there, the spanking is why they are there.  It's been working well too.

I recently spanked a submissive from Fetlife who's video won't work for us.  She had this nervous giggle and for a spanking video I don't think it will work, however, I did give her a very red bottom and I'll post those pictures shortly.

Well perhaps whatever is preventing us and others, I've heard from, to upload to Spankingtube will get fixed and there will be more clips from us to post.  Right now there are 3 clips I haven't been able to upload but you can still see them through my private Youtube account. 

Thanks to all of you who have helped us with the almost One Million views on

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I've been frustrated lately with the computer world, or world of computer programs.  Customer service has simply taken a dive compared to a few years ago.

I've had to simply stop trying to upload to our Spanking Library store and SpankingTube site because neither site is accepting our uploads.  Both sites don't seem to care at all that we've been unable to upload so I've simply stopped trying now.  While at the same time our Clips4Sale store site accepts the same clips when we upload so I just don't get it.  Based on the customer service from Spankinglibrary and Spankingtube I'd say they are owned by the same company.

I've found it best to just walk away and not get frustrated with it than to keep trying to upload like I have.  I started a Private account on Youtube as a way of previewing our new clips and our Clips4Sale store will now be the only site to sell our newest clips.

I've had a few computer geeks send me info on how I might be able to solve the upload problem on my end, and thanks to those who have made suggestions, but should that be the case?  Shouldn't the sites that a person is unable to upload product to be the one to help with figuring out why their site won't accept an upload while others will?  Why should it be the customer, me the store, who has to figure out why their system isn't accepting uploads.

Anyway I thought I'd vent here a little and it's helped.  Thanks for listening, reading.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

In the End, spanking is all they understand!

I can tell my wife or submissive that I'd like something done and in the end it's the spanking that is understood the most.  I truly believe the intent to obey is there but the discipline and consistency isn't.  What seems to always be needed is the Good Ol' Fashion Bare Bottom Spanking.

I think it's what a submissive and wife's bottom is for, other than sitting.  It's the zone of understanding.  When the Zone is turned red, sometimes hot, there's a pathway that opens to the brain and the understanding that obedience is required gets understood.  Without attention to that zone it seems little, at times, is understood.

Once that Zone area is sensitive when sitting it seems that what was suppose to get done gets done.  Once the Zone cools down and a little time has passed the memory of the heat fades and so does the memory of what is suppose to be done on a continues basis.



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