Saturday, March 3, 2012

Naughty Girls and their Bottoms!

Some of the best reactions and facial expressions on a naughty girl face is when she sits down after what's been done to her bottom, a good sound spanking.

What I find fascinating too is that after a good spanking there is a HIGHER degree of obedient behavior.  I mean I could say, "Sit" and it wouldn't matter if there was a place to sit except the floor she would get to the floor as soon as possible to avoid more bottom burning. 

I've discovered too that a well trained submissive likes sternness from their Spanker.  You have to stay consistent as a Spanker or a submissive looses respect or at least pushes your buttons more. 

The Tails of Rose and Ember

Rose gets stopped by a police officer for texting and driving. To add insult to injury she argues with the officer and is taken to the community station to wait for her father to pick her up. Meanwhile Ember is waiting at their house to show her AA meeting card and when Rose and Dad get home trouble hits the fan for both of the girls. Dad decides both will get spanked separately and then together. 

Implement(s): Hand, Paddle, Belt
Position(s): OTK, Double OTK, Double stacked on Bed and Floor
Time/Price: 19 min / $24.99
Purchase Clip: Clips4Sale or Spankinglibrary

Thursday, March 1, 2012

When Is the best time for her spanking?

The best time for that naughty girl to get her bottom bared and spanked is as soon as I find out she's been naughty.  It's the best time for her and me.

In general Rose doesn't like getting spanked but she hates waiting for a spanking she knows she's going to receive.

She would rather pull down her panties, get into position and get it over with.

A big part of Rose's problem is that her sassiness gets her into more trouble when she gets spanked.

So her spanking may start in the livingroom but continue into the bedroom for more serious attention.

Credit Card

Implement(s): Hand, Paddle, Hair brush, Leather Belt
Position(s): OTK, Standing bent over, Diaper, Piano Bench
Time/Price: 28 min / $27.99
Purchase Clip: Clips4Sale or Spankinglibrary

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Izzy Learns New Positions!

Izzy Learns New Positions

Izzy's sassy mouth has earned her yet another spanking. This time she is taught some new positions, and spanked in them, that will be used in the future. It's what every naughty girl needs, a spanking that is, and Izzy gets it in some rather unique ways. She learns the Lunge position, Drummer position and a few others too, the hard way. 

Implement(s): Hand, Hairbrush,
Position(s): OTK,Diaper, Drummer, All fours, Kneeling, Lunge, Couch Ouch and more
Time/Price: 10 min / $10.99
Purchase Clip: Clips4Sale

Monday, February 27, 2012

Getting what she deserves!

 It would be a huge injustice to NOT give a naughty girl the spanking she deserves!

There is no doubt from her hair what is happening on the other end.

 This young lady got just what she deserved and needed.

Sitting for awhile was no option either.

Weekly Maintenance Spanking for Rose


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