Saturday, May 26, 2012

Spank Her 4 Real Girls In Training

Every Dom knows, as should submissives, that there's a good deal of training involved when dealing with a submissive.  Our new store "Spank Her 4 Real Girls in Training" focuses on how to train a submissive in the ways of pleasing her Dom.

We have produced these videos through Spank Her 4 Real Videos and they are still on that store available for download but will be moved to our new store.  Spank Her 4 Real Videos will stay exclusively with Domestic Discipline in regard to spanking only while our Girls in Training store will have Spanking and sexual content.  Eventually all of what we refer to as "Training clips" will move to our new store.  However, we are re-editing them for better viewing pleasure and that's taking some time.  On many of our early clips we produced a split scene clip and in our new store we will still offer the first version but in addition we will have re-edited versions without the split version too.

You can click on the top picture to visit our new store.  Hope to see you there.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Spankee Poll

Through the years I've met a multitude of spankees with both very similar and very different life stories regarding their path into spanking and or BDSM.  So for those spankees out there let me and other readers know when you were first spanked.  This may or may not have lead to your desire to be spanked today or your willingness to be spanked but I am interested in when it first started for you.  If you'd also like to comment more about it feel free to do that as well.


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