Wednesday, December 12, 2012

LeAnne Gets Spanked for Sexting!

LeAnne Gets Spanked for Sexting!
LeAnne meant to send some nude pictures, she took with her cell phone, to her boyfriend but instead she accidently sent them to her mother. So she was sent over for a good bare bottom spanking to teach her that is NOT an acceptable thing to do, even if it's to her boyfriend. She came over not knowing why she was there and Ron was running a bit late so an overhead camera filmed her roaming the room and then sitting at the table waiting. It appears as though she is fingering herself while she's sitting and waiting so some poetic license was used to make a "Dream Sequence". We had some footage of an earlier spanking were unique camera angles caught LeAnne, after her spanking, standing in the corner. So this footage was used for the "Dream Sequence". LeAnne's spanking for Sexting includes a good ol' fashion OTK spanking, Ron's sizzling bare bottom diaper position, on her knees with her head down and bottom proudly displayed and then sent to the corner.

Price: $12.99 USD
Length: 11 minutes

Size: 804 MB
Format: M4V
Category: SPANKING
Added: 12/12/12 01:00:30 AM
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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dressing properly for women!

My wife and I were recently at a Christmas party and the girlfriend of a co-worker sat next to us at the table.  She was dressed, shall we say, provocatively.  I'm sure he doesn't realize that since the party people have been talking about his date and joking behind his back as to how much per hour she charged.

I think some women are truly naive regarding their attire, or lack of it, and some are more than aware they are catching the eyes of everyone around them.

I think in the end it's just best to teach our ladies with a good ol' fashion spanking.  Trying to talk it over doesn't seem to work sometimes.  What's best, I've found, is that if they know they will be spanked for dressing inappropriately then they will work harder at NOT dressing inappropriately.

Many women simply think their bottoms are just for siting and that's simply not so!  Is it?


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