Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holly the Red Bottom Mrs. Claus

Holly the Red Bottom Mrs. Claus
Holly thinks she's going to a retirement home dressed like sexy Mrs. Claus. However, Ron won't have it. What's worse is her talking back and over the lap she goes. Ron will make that little bottom GLOW with Red. Then she is ordered to give him a blowjob and even a handjob while he spanks her nice little bottom. This time Holly experiences some new things too. One of which is Ron's paddle.

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Sunday, December 16, 2012


I must admit there are more things today for young people to get in trouble for, and with, than when I was their age.  The big deal in photography for my generation was the 110 pocket camera

and the Polaroid instant camera.

The 110 was the first easy to carry camera and of course the Polaroid gave you instant pictures in minutes.  No one thought of taking nude pictures of themselves or lover using the 110 because the photos had to be processed at a store.  But, the Polaroid was different.  Still, the most we could do was send nude pics in the mail.

Today it's so different.  The cameras on phones today are far superior to the cameras of my generation and their instantaneous too.    

LeAnne Spanked for Sexting demo clip on Spankingtube.


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