Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Secretary and more!

I've been looking for a secretary/assistant who is also submissive and a spankee for our videos.  I've needed to find someone who can start out very part time to help fill orders we have coming in with DVD sales and, starting in March, our paddles for Paddles 4 Pain & Pleasure.

I have a young lady, in her mid 20's, stopping by this Saturday to interview with us.  She appears to be very responsible and mature but has confessed that she'd prefer getting spanked for messing up at work rather than getting fired or written up.  She seems to agree with our philosophy that a submissives bottom is for sitting and spanking so we'll see how that goes.

As I announced in my Paddles 4 Pain & Pleasure blog we will be starting production with our paddles in March.  There will be a twist to our paddles for our customers however.  They can purchase a paddle from our on line catalog and have it sent to them discreetly of course, or for an additional fee they can purchase a paddle and have it used on one of our spankee's in a video.  Plus, the spankee will sign the paddle!

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