Sunday, March 3, 2013

It's been a long week!

It's been quit a process with starting our web site.  My computer has been uploading for days now.  I didn't realize how many clips we've done in the last two years.  I can easily see it's going to take a couple of weeks to upload everything to our new site.

In addition I've been working on my wood shop and getting that ready too.  As I was making a paddle to test the new equipment I bought, new to me anyway.  I had two ideas for spanking furniture too.  Both will be able to be used in anyone's home without anyone knowing what its original, or secondary, use is for.

Our new site has the ability for me to add new product lines.  For now only clips are available but soon our first paddle will be available on the same site.  Then, our first piece of "Furniture 4 Fun & Pleasure" will be available too.

I've gotten a bit behind of editing video clips too so I should get back to that now as well.

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