Thursday, March 7, 2013

Jules, Late for her Interview

Jules, Late for her Interview
Jules is Spank Her 4 Real Videos' and Paddles 4 Pain and Pleasure's new part-time office assistant.  She knew coming into the interview that the position also required her to recieve spankings if her work performance or ethic wasn't up to standards.  She also agreed to having her spankings filmed so we could sell them on our store. 
Her interview was at 4pm and she ended up getting to the office at 4:30.  After signing all the paperwork I then told her she'd be getting her first spanking for being late.  As you can see from just the pictures that she left that day with a very sore bottom and a drive home that reminded her she'd better not show up late again.  By the way, since the spanking she's shown up for work early everyday she's come in.
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