Friday, March 22, 2013

Love Burns!

For those who are in Vanilla relationships Love can mean the same thing as it does for me.  But, in a DD relationship Love goes beyond and deeper.

In my relationship "Love Burns".  There are so many women who don't experience that kind of love.  

There's no abuse, no yelling, no tantrums, no silent treatment, just good ol' fashion spanking when she needs and deserves it.

Some spankings take a bit longer than others to get the point across but it's done with love, no matter how red her bottom gets the point has to be made.

When she is held accountable for her actions, or lack of them, then she feels loved and cared for.  

 If she isn't taught to do what she should be doing then how will she learn?

She doesn't like that trip across the lap and thinks to herself, as she makes the trip, "Why didn't I just do what I was told?"

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