Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Blog List!

My first post on this blog was on September 18, 2008, so this September this blog will be 5 years old.  I started it for one thing, mainly to express my spanking thoughts and desires, and it has slowly evolved into that and more.

As I've discovered other blogs that I enjoy going to from time to time I've slowly included them on my blog list for others to enjoy and discover.  Some blog owners have written and said, "If you include my blog on your blog list I'll do the same." so I did.  However, I've been discovering that it hasn't always been the case.

I believe the "Spanking" community should be open to sharing thoughts and information but alas it's not always that way.  So, if your blog is on my blog list, not matter how much I enjoy it, and you're not reciprocating by putting this blog on your blog list then I'm going to take your blog off my list. 

I'm not trying to be mean or anything it just seems fair.  Don't you think?  

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