Friday, March 8, 2013

My WordPress Blog is Gone!

So I decided to go to my SpankHer4Real wordpress blog and discovered it's been removed by wordpress.  Then I went to other wordpress blogs that I have bookmarked and MOST of them are gone too.  I don't know the reason and could care less because I've learned that you can't fight companies like wordpress.  Obviously since that blog was around for a couple years they must have "changed their policy".  So the only thing I can do is to remove any content I have from ALL wordpress applications.  Wordpress merged, or bought out, Polldaddy and I had been running my polls through them.  However I am going to deactivate that now and keep the stats that I have.  That happens alot on the internet though.  These companies don't tell you before hand they just click a switch and your twitter account or blog is off line.  Twitter did the same thing with my account awhile back too.  No warning they just flicked the switch.  Turns out they didn't approve of woman's naked bottom so I removed the picture and changed it to a tomato.

In addition, I expect something similar in the future to happen with this blog and others but we'll see.

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