Thursday, June 27, 2013

Looking forward to my 1,000,000th viewer!

One day I went to my Wordpress blog to do a posting and it was gone.  There was no warning it was just gone.  Since then anything that is connected with Wordpress is something I avoid.  That's when I began to notice other blogs similar to mine were also gone, on Wordpress.

I knew the day would be coming and Blogger would be doing the same.  There are most likely others who are behind this, such as feminist and religious groups.  I've removed ALL of my links to ADULT sites, which by the way, are my sites but I'm unsure whether or not that's enough.  I plan on continuing to post videos of naughty women I've spanked and provide a link to those videos through this blog, however, I suspect that will be enough for Blogger to shut me down.

I've heard from other bloggers who will contact Blogger and protest but this will be in vain I'm sure.  You can't argue with those who have the Power (Money).  I'm sure if all of use protested it would mean nothing to them.  I mean really, would it even register a percentage?

I'm going to look into other avenues such as Tumblr to continue my blogging however it won't be long and I'm sure that blog will get shut down too.

I have until the 30th, all of use who have blogs on Blogger do, so we'll see if this blog and others are still around.  But then how much longer will we have left?


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