Sunday, July 7, 2013

Nasty letters about spanking!

If you've kept up with the different things going on in my life you'll know that one of my additions to my, product line, is paddles, spanking chair, spanking stool, etc.  So I found a site where I can sell these products and now I'm getting grief from different people on the site.  Before I opened a store and posted anything I checked other stores on the site selling similar items.  There wasn't a ton of stores but there wasn't just one or two others either.

Occasionally I get a letter from someone on the site asking me to explain to them why I'm promoting such a negative thing and promoting items that are used in such a negative way.  I don't get it.  The first nasty letter I got was from, of course a woman, who makes jewelry out of dried animal bones.  She found my site utterly offensive and distasteful.  REALLY?  I found her site offensive and more distasteful but that's just me.  I didn't shoot a letter back to her explaining my disdain for her items either.

I don't have a problem with people not understanding spanking.  I'm not here on earth to guide them to the enlightenment of spanking.  I don't go to sites, blogs or stores and protest what the person is selling or blogging.  If people don't want to read a blog about spanking then they won't and the blogger will stop writing I imagine.  If people aren't buying spanking implements or furniture then the store will stop selling them because of the lack of costumers.  

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