Thursday, July 18, 2013

We made it to over a Million Views!!!

It may not seem like much to some, or many, but a million views to this blog is a whole lot to me.

I could have never dreamed, when I first started this blog, that the day would come when it had been view a million times.

It's been difficult from time to time to find naughty submissives who accept the fact they need their bottoms spanked, 4 Real too.

I've had more than a few naughty women think that somehow the spankings I give are fake in some way.  That I put make up on the bottoms to make them appear red.  Then they find out there's no fake spanking and the spankings really are real.

I do get a kick out of it from time to time because there are submissives on Fetlife and other spanking fetish sites who think they want to be spanked but in the end they just talk the talk.

There's not one submissive in any of our videos who would tell you the spankings are fake.  They'd be the first to say, "Hell yea they're real!"

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