Monday, August 19, 2013

Late, late and always late!

"LeAnne's late for work Spanking."

I have lived a more than a few decades now and it there's one constant in this world that has pretty much stayed the same it's women and being late.  There are tons of reasons why a woman is late and she will indeed take even more time to explain it.  That of course causes her to be late,..again.

"LeAnne's late for work Spanking."

Here's the thing too.  She knows that if she's late, she's going to have her panties pulled down and spanked and she's late anyway.

"LeAnne's late for work Spanking."

There are times when I do believe that women want a spanking even though they will tell you they don't.  I think it's an attention thing.  Perhaps for some they want the feeling of baring their bottom and exposing themselves?  Maybe it's a feeling of being cared for and cared about?  Maybe it's just that they know they need a good spanking to help keep them on the path?

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