Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Never too old to be spanked!

It is most certainly a fact with me that a female over 18 years old is never too old to be spanked.

Some of the young women I've put across my lap, over and over again, who have moved away still contact me expressing their deep desire for me to spank them.

It's a feeling of being cared about and even loved.  "If you care about me and don't approve of my bad behavior, then do something about it," is the expression I hear over and over.

I've heard from several woman in their early 20's, who I've spanked, that they don't even like dating "boys" close to their age because they're so immature.

They express the idea that the reason they wouldn't even think about spanking is because they, the boys, need to be spanked themselves.

Where have all the men gone?

1 comment:

  1. Absolutely right! A woman is never too old to be spanked. No question, no debate.



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