Wednesday, September 25, 2013

5th Year Blog Anniversary!

It was in September 2008 that I started this blog.  I wrote about my favorite spanking sites.  I suppose they are still my favorite with my own spanking site included now,

My intention was simply to write about my thoughts and feeling regarding spanking and spanking videos.  That led doing short stories using pictures from other spanking videos.  The thing I always know about spanking videos was that they were models.  That was still okay if the spankings were real and not fake and many were and still are real even though the models are models.

What I wanted to do was get real women who needed and many times wanted a spanking and film them.  I uploaded my first video in Feb of 2011 and I can't believe how difficult it's been to find spankees.  

The blog has been a great way for me to express how I feel about spanking and at times vent.  There are still women I seem to see throughout my week that I'd love to put across my lap.  

I haven't written much lately because there have been news reports all the time about some guy capturing women and I hope I'm not feeding anyone into wanting to fullfil that fantasy and make it reality.

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