Sunday, September 15, 2013

Just posted some demos on Spankingtube.

LeAnne had a sleep over and they didn't quiet down until 2 am. Her mother told her no loud noises after midnight but LeAnne figured she'd never find out because her mother was out of town. However, the neighbors let her mother know and her mother let Ron know. After Ron found out we all know what happened next.

Tags: bare, bottom, spanking,, spank,, spanking,, spanked, red,, bedtime, spanking,

Dakota is your typical 19 year old girl who thinks it's perfectly alright to tell her boss to "fuck off". Not only is she disrespectful to her those in authority over her but she no longer has a job. She learns first hand from Ron that there is someone with authority over her who is man enough to pull down her pants and panties and give her nice white bottom a sound spanking. In the end her bottom has a nice red glow too.

Tags: Diaper, position,, spanked, red,, OTK,, bare, bottom, spanking,,

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