Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Desire to Spank!

I get readers from time to time who comment on something I've written by telling me I'm wrong about something I've written.  No offense but if I'm writing about how I feel how can it be wrong?  How can my opinion about what I believe or feel be wrong.  Perhaps a reader doesn't agree with it but that's fine.  It's how I feel about it so it's not wrong.

So, with that out of the way I thought I'd write a little because I finally have the time to.  My desire to spank isn't out of a sadist desire to inflict pain on anyone.  My desire to spank is to correct bad behavior.  I don't expect anyone to be perfect.  What I do expect, but it rarely happens, is that others basically do the right thing.  Again, I'm not perfect but I do work at doing the right thing.

There are days when I do wish I was Chief of the Spanking Patrol and could issue Spanking Tickets to women.  There are times I just nod my head and say, "What is she thinking."  But, it's real life and I don't get upset about it.

I do admire though the young and older women who have contacted me expressing the need and desire for spankings and training.  It means far more to me that they willingly and voluntarily seek me out for spankings.  It takes a lot to humble oneself and admit and submit to a spanking.

So my desire to spank is only from a submissive submitting to it.  Does that make sense?  I couldn't imagine spanking a brat who didn't willingly submit to it.  It not only wouldn't do any good but it would be, in my opinion, immoral. 

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