Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Our Training Videos enter a NEW stage!

One of the things I was keenly aware of in the World of Spanking between couples, was sex.  A huge majority of couples into DD, HOH and just plain spanking incorporate sex in their play.  They don't incorporate sex all the time because many DD and HOH couples also use spanking as straight punishment as I do in my relationship with my wife.  However, it seemed that this topic was almost taboo and to include sex with spanking was like a hidden secret for many Spankers and spankees.  

I read comments from viewers where my video demos are posted and the majority who comment on my "Training Videos" love them but occasionally there is a negative comment from someone who thinks the two shouldn't go together.  You know, what goes on between to consenting adults is their business.  Our viewers and customers really like our "Training Videos" but they also really like our straight forward "Spanking Videos" too.

Every creative genre tries something and if it works they improve on it and if it doesn't they move.  Our Training Videos work really well but it's time to move on to a different phase with them.  I love my wife in more ways than I can express and Spank Her 4 Real Training Videos have been uncomfortable for her to even know that I do them.  I have wanted to continue doing them but only as the director and editor if you will.  It's been uncomfortable for me too so I've decided that I've done my last "Training Video" as the Spanker, or Trainer.

Our next stage of "Training Videos" will be to find "Real Couples" who would like to do them on a regular basis or to find a "Spanker" who can take my place.  I'm really looking forward to this new stage because it provides a wider variety for our "Training Video" genre.

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