Friday, November 15, 2013

Your Right to Say it and Mine not to Publish it!

A few months back this blog and "I Spank My Wife" were getting too many "Anonymous" comments from mostly spammers but also hateful people.  I got tired of it so I set my setting on approving EVERYTHING before it gets published.  The spammers that get through don't bother me near as much has the hateful comments from people who maker their comments anonymously.

There are a TON of things I disagree with in the world out there.  My wife does occasionally have to hear me rant and rave about them but for the most part I keep it in check.  I suppose I could make comments daily, or hourly, on a variety of blogs I find offensive, not to mention political, religious and economical views as well.  For example, China giving 1.5 million in ad to the Philippines when they could give so much more.

Anyway that wasn't my point in writing this.  My point today is that if you stumble across this blog or my other ones and feel the need to write an "Anonymous" and hateful review regarding me and others in the spanking industry.  Or your hateful views are toward anyone who likes spanking and submits to it of their own free will.  Then I should tell you that your writing will be in vain because I'll simply delete it!  You WON'T find a voice here to express your hateful views regarding spanking especially.

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